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Electricity consumption bills

Following the problems caused by the lack punctuality in issuing electricity bills by Endesa, this year we changed the company and the billing procedure. [+]


Be welcome!

Vila Universitaria are shared apartments, you can live your own life and share it with your flatmates, you make your life and anybody gets involved in your own business! But it is also a Halls of Residence, so there are many procedures to follow and which you are interested to know, such as: [+]


Consumption of water and electricity

Due to the delay in issuing invoices by energy suppliers, we took a two-month delay in rebilling consumption of electricity and water.  [+]


Garbage collect will be charged

The bags of garbage in the corridors of Vila buildings are a constant year after year.
Is the practice of a minority, the consequences of which affect the majority. [+]


Electric shut off

This shutdown will affect electric supply in Vila2, Vila’s office and the schools in the White Building.
ila Universitaria.

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