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In addition to the translation and proofreading service, we also offer resources for automatic translation so that you can translate your own documents. These resources are not intended as a substitution for professional translation, but may be useful in providing you with a draft version or in the event of requiring a general overview of content for a foreign-language text. In all events, we recommend that you follow the instructions and guidelines given on the website of each translation tool.

Please note: the Language Service does not undertake proof reading or editing of texts produced by these programs.

Apertium [multilingual]
Traductor de la Generalitat [català-castellà-anglès-francès]
Google Translate [multilingual]
Centre d'Autoaprenentatge de Llengües - CAL Centre d'Autoaprenentatge de Llengües - CAL Check your level and take in advantage this UAB's Language Service.
Independent Learning Centre CAL


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