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The admission procedures vary according to the origin and prior qualifications of each applicant. In most cases, application must be made through Spanish or Catalan government offices and not directly at EUTDH-UAB. Identify carefully to which category you belong before submitting your application. The different procedures are outlined below.

Requirements for the legalisation and validation of qualifications can also be found at the following websites:

The assignment of all university places will be notified:

  • via Internet at
  • on lists hung up on notice boards at the Oficina d’Orientació per a l’Accés a la Universitat, Plaça Bonsuccés 5-6, 08001 Barcelona
  • to all universities

on the corresponding dates ( beginning of July and beginning of September)

When admission has been granted, students must then, and only then, enrol at the secretary’s office, on the dates outlined in the centre’s academic calendar. The enrolment procedure is explained separately.




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