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The Faculty of Political Science and Sociology at the UAB is the first university centre to have been created by the Generalitat de Catalunya (August 1985) and opened its doors for the first time in 1986. Its objectives are to offer high level training and research in the area of political and social sciences, with special emphasis on the international projection of its activities and on interrelationships with external agents (public administration, the media, private companies, NGOs) for whom the Faculty?s activities are relevant. The Faculty also offers support for research activities and postgraduate activity in the departments and research groups which are contained within it.

Since its creation the Faculty has sought to combine within its teaching activities a reponse to social demands in this area with a policy of rigour and a desire to maintain high academic standards. The Faculty went through a primary phase of offering degree subjects with good results from 1986-1991. From 1991/1992, as part of the university?s plan to offer new degrees, it introduced new syllabuses for first-cycle students. The Faculty has therefore become a centre with a wide offer of courses from undergraduate to PhD level. Secondary school students entering the Faculty of Political Science and Sociology find themselves in an atmosphere that combines experience with support for innovation.

The curriculum currently includes degrees in Sociology and in Political Science and Public Administration. A 2nd cycle degree in Market Research Methods is also planned. Meeting the challenge presented by the new curricula is a continuation of the efforts made since 1986 to consolidate our disciplines within Catalonia?s academic sector. Thus, our teaching is now characterised by such offers as:

Integrating internship programmes in various institutions (public administration, research centres, consultancies, etc.) in degree courses, with the aim of facilitating the transition from university to the workplace.

Participation in international exchange programmes, both by students (over 20% of graduates have studied abroad with the Erasmus and Socrates programmes) and by teaching staff (12 to 15 foreign lecturers teach at the Faculty each year.

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