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Documents needed to apply for admission

  • Your academic certificate giving you access to graduate studies, with details of the duration of your studies, subjects taken, credits obtained and qualifications earned.
  • The certificate giving you access to the master's degree or official academic certificate accrediting the qualification.
  • CV, including merits such as research experience, articles published, professional experience, experience abroad, research grants or aids obtained, etc.
  • Reference letter.

Documents issued in Catalan, Spanish or English are accepted and documents in French, Italian or Portuguese can be translated by the UAB Language Service. Translation fees must be paid by the applicant. With regard to documents issued in other languages, applicants must attach a translation into Catalan, Spanish or English, either by a certified translator or through the Spanish consulate or embassy in their home country, or the embassy or consulate of their home country in Spain.

Where do I have to submit these documents?

Please check the form of the master's degree you are interested in (complete list of official master's degrees). You will find information on where you must submit your documents under the section Admission and pre-registration found on the right-hand menu of each master's degree.




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