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Bachelor's Degree in Speech Therapy

General information

Educational centre


The Bachelor's Degree in Speech Therapy comprises five blocks: scientific bases of speech therapy; communication, language, speech, audition, voice disorders and other non-verbal oral functions; speech therapy assessment techniques and tools; designing, planning and applying speech therapy interventions and developing professional skills. The syllabus includes a set of subjects that will allow students to gain more in-depth scientific knowledge related to this field as well as to learn about speech therapy interventions in education, neurology, otorhinolaryngology, etc.

Students can specialise in Intervention in the Clinical Context or Intervention in the Educational Context.

Learning mode

Classroom-based learning

Part-time or full-time

Full-time dedication. Part-time option available.

Period of study

Annual registration. Planning of semester-long subjects.


Catalan and Spanish.

Evaluation types

ECTS credit methodology involves continuous assessment of all the student's work, exams, written tests, and individual and group assignments.

Exchange programmes

Exchanges with European universities (Erasmus): the Faculty currently offers exchange programmes with 17 universities.
Exchanges with universities in Spain (Seneca-SICUE): Malaga and Valencia
UAB exchange programmes: there are currently 16 agreements with universities in Latin America, USA, Canada and Asia.
IMAGEEN Project with universities in Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia.

Current price per credit

35.77 euros




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