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Bachelor's Degree Journalism

General information

Educational centre


For the past forty years, the degree in Journalism has been comprised of quality studies with the latest in technology and much emphasis on research into the field, which is carried out in collaboration with the Communication Institute (Incom-UAB), the Observatory on Radio in Catalonia, the Communication and Education Bureau and the Internet Journalism Observatory.

Coordinator and coordination team

Journalism Studies Coordinator
José Rodríguez Bonfill (pepe.rodriguez@uab.cat)
Phone:  (34)93 581 1545

Communications Library and General News Library
Coordinator: Joana Gallego Ayala ( joana.gallego@uab.cat)
Phone:  (34)  93 581 4476
RTV Laboratories Coordinator and Computer and Multimedia Spaces
Coordinator: Antoni Vidal Carretero (antoni.vidal@uab.cat)
Phone:  (34)93 581 1536
Exchange Programmes  Coordinator
Ana Fernández Viso ( intercanvis.comunicacio@uab.cat)
Phone:  (34)93 581 1795

Additional training

Language comparison and common doubts: Catalan and Spanish.

Learning mode

Classroom-based learning

Part-time or full-time

Full-time dedication. Part-time option available.

Period of study



Catalan and Spanish

Evaluation types

ECTS methodology involves the use of continuous assessment, taking into account all the students' work in class, in practicums and in oral and written presentations.

Current price per credit

35.77 euros.




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