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Bachelor's Degree in Hotel Management

General information

Educational centre


Upon completing their studies in Hotel Management, graduates may go on to form part of the following professional sectors: management of businesses in the hotel and catering industry (hotels, restaurants, catering companies, etc.); reception, banquets and conventions, quality and customer care departments and purchasing and sales personnel, etc.; and designing, planning and setting up hotel businesses.

Learning mode

Classroom-based learning

Part-time or full-time


Period of study



Catalan, Spanish and English

Evaluation types

Continuous assessment of all students' work (classwork, independent learning, tests, exams, practical assignments and work placements), with possibility of a single overall assessment.  

Exchange programmes

The School runs several exchange programmes. All students are recommended to take part, since a semester or year-long stay abroad, apart from allowing them to follow the same syllabus and obtain credits at another university, has added social and cultural value.

  • Exchanges with European universities (Erasmus+): 35 universities in Portugal, Germany, England, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Hungary, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, the Netherlands, Malta, Poland and Lithuania.
  • Exchanges with universities in Spain (SICUE): Granada, Las Palmas de Gran Canarias, Zaragoza, Lanzarote, Oviedo, Madrid and Valencia.
  • UAB Mobility Programme with universities around the world: University of Puerto Rico; Camosun College, Canada; University of Belgrano, Argentina; University of Minas Gerais, Brazil; University of Sejhong, South Korea; and University of Xianda-SISU, Shanghai, China.
  • Programme to obtain the Bachelor in European Tourism from the University of Lincoln, UK.
  • Programme to obtain the Bachelor (Hons) in International Hospitality Management of Griffith College, Dublin, Ireland. 


Current price per credit

94 euros

Specific grants

Eight promotion support grants.
Two grants for collaboration with the Resources Centre.
Two research support grants.
Two academic excellence grants for students at the school.
One Fèlix Martínez Touriño study support grant.




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