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Bachelor's Degree in Business Management

General information

Educational centre


The Bachelor's Degree in Business Management achieves the right balance between theory and practice and combines this with specialist knowledge of entrepreneurship.

Much of the programme focuses on entrepreneurial behaviour and on its connection with innovation, recognition of opportunity, development and the creation of business initiatives, in response to the new profiles that are emerging.

The degree in Business Management is a response to the challenge of attending to new emerging profiles: the digital economy, logistics, quality, occupational risk prevention, and management of knowledge. The main aim of the degree is therefore to develop a business mentality and entrepreneurial and management skills in its students.

The degree also aims to train students to:

  • manage businesses or other organisations in an integrated way.
  • carry out the activities that are specific to each functional area of the business.
  • develop an entrepreneurial spirit (by raising recognition and motivation).
  • set up a business and make it grow.
  • identify and exploit potential opportunities and maintain growth.

Learning mode

Face-to-face learning

Part-time or full-time

Full-time Part-time option available.

Period of study

Annual registration. Planning of subjects by semester.


Catalan, Spanish and English

Evaluation types

ECTS credit methodology involves continuous assessment of all the students' work: exams, written tests, assignments, etc.

Exchange programmes

Exchanges with European universities: Vaasa University (Finland) and Brussels University(Belgium).

Current price per credit

4,756 euros per academic year (includes registration fee and tuition).

Specific grants

The Bages University Foundation awards six collaboration grants of 3,000 euros each, to first-year students, and ten more grants (two of 3,000 euros and eight of 1,500), to all other students.




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