Enrolment periods

To apply to the Pre-Established programme it is necessary to provide the following documentation:

• A scanned copy of your home university Official Academic Transcript with the GPA or equivalent (if applicable).
• A scanned copy of your valid passport.
• A digital photo in jpeg format with a maximum weight of 24KB (passport size and type).
• If you are a non-native English speaker, a certificate of English Proficiency [minimum TOEFL 78 or equivalent].
• If you are a non-native Spanish speaker and want to choose electives in Spanish, a certificate of Spanish level B2 (DELE or equivalent).

Enrolment Periods
Fall Term (September to December): from March 15 to June 15
Spring Term (January to April): from September 15 to November 15
May Term: from January 22nd to March 15th
Summer Term (June to July):  from February 15 to April 15

NOTE: The final enrolment dates are subject to places still being available.

Enrolment form