The UAB IQAS framework

Based on the Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in the European Higher Education Area (ESG), the Royal Decree 1393/2007, of academic management of the recognised university degrees establishes the necessity of an Internal Quality Assurance System (IQAS), formally established and with public access, structured in processes that regulate all the aspects of the teaching practice: from the creation of new degrees and its monitoring and accreditation, human and material resources necessary to the correct development of the teaching task, evaluation and lifelong learning of teaching and administrative staff, till complaint management, stakeholders satisfaction and accountability to society.

The Internal Quality Assurance System (IQAS) of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona reflects the firm commitment of the university to offer quality training programmes that include measures to assess their continuous evaluation and improvement.

The IQAS-framework of the UAB was evaluated by AQU Catalunya within the framework of the AUDIT programme and it was very positively assessed the 23rd November 2010.

The UAB possesses a centralised management structure that respects at the same time the autonomy of its teaching centres. The size of the university, the maturity of its centres and the efficiency criteria recommend a policy of decentralisation of competencies and functions that is explicitly reflected on the Director Plan.

In this same sense, the IQAS-framework of the UAB is defined as a transversal model for the whole university, with implications of responsibility and monitoring at each faculty, school and degree and that the centres assume and adapt to their peculiarities and interests. All the faculties and the School of Engineering of the UAB have deployed and adapted the IQAS-framework of the UAB to their distinctive characteristics by means of the production of a particular IQAS-framework for each one of them.

IQAS-framework of the UAB
Manual del Sistema de Garantia Interna de Qualitat de la UAB
Manual de Processos del Sistema de Garantia Interna de Qualitat de la UAB
Mapa de processos del Sistema de Garantia Interna de la UAB

Actualització de processos
PE3 Verificació de titulacions de Graus i Màsters Universitaris
PE6 Acreditació de titulacions de Graus i Màsters Universitaris
PC2 Elaboració de les Guies Docents
PC7 Seguiment, avaluació i millora de les titulacions
PC8A Modificació de titulacions de Graus i Màsters Universitaris
PC8B Extinció de titulacions de Graus i Màsters Universitaris
PS9 Avaluació de l'activitat docent del professorat

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