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Bachelor's Degree in Medicine (UAB-UPF)

General information

Educational centre


The objectives that students have to achieve are as follows.

  • Learn the scientific foundations of medicine, particularly the structure and function of the human body and its molecules, cells, tissues and organs; the bases of human behaviour; the effects diseases have on the organism; the factors that cause diseases and the foundations of therapeutic interventions based on available scientific evidence.
  • Obtain the clinical skills needed for the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases, especially in the preparation of clinical records, when carrying out physical and mental examinations, making diagnostics, treatment of emergency cases, establishing preventive measures and acquiring clinical experience in different health sectors.
  • Acquire professional values and ethical attitudes and conduct by recognising the essential elements belonging to the medicine profession, the application of social justice principles, the development of a professional practice with respect for the autonomy of patients, and the need to update professional skills and assimilate new knowledge.

Learning mode

Classroom-based learning

Part-time or full-time


Period of study

Every term, with a final assessment at the end of each term.


Catalan, Spanish and English

Evaluation types

ECTS methodology implies continuous assessment of all students' work.

Exchange programmes

Possibility of carrying out academic or research stays abroad. The syllabus includes a term for mobility.

Current price per credit

39.53 euros

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