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Degree in Medicine

General information

Educational centre
Faculty of Medicine
Educational proposal
To offer adequate training in the Medical sciences, including an understanding of scientific methods, principles of measuring biological functions, evaluation of scientifically proven facts and data analysis. Study of clinical subjects and practices offering a coherent view of mental and physical illnesses, in terms of prevention, diagnosis and therapy.
First year: morning practicals and afternoon theory
Second year: morning theory and afternoon practicals
Third to sixth year, teaching is carried out in the hospital teaching units throughout the whole day, including hospital clinical practicals
Evaluation types
Theory and practical assessments, for both laboratory and clinical practicals.
Professional training
Laboratory practicals
Laboratory practicals for clinical skills
Hospital practicals for A&E
Health centre practicals
Exchange programmes
Exchanges with European universities
Continuation to other UAB studies
Advertising and Public Relations
East Asian Studies
Literary Theory and Comparative Literature
Music and Music History
Archival and Records Management (No longer offered)
Audiovisual Communication
Social and Cultural Antropology
Translation and Interpreting
Health Sciences
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