Parc de Recerca

Business growth

In the context of the current global financial situation, companies have an ever increasing need to build a differentiated business model that fits this consistently competitive environment. The UAB Research Park is committed to helping technology companies and UAB, CSIC and IRTA spin-offs to successfully achieve their growth.

Management of public grants
The Park manages the following grants:
  • The Torres Quevedo grant, from the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness, which aims to encourage the hiring of R&D personnel (doctors and scientists) to develop specific research projects. 
  • The ENISA Joven Emprendedor and ENISA Emprendedor aids, which provide the necessary financial resources to new companies. 
  • The NEOTEC aids from the Centre for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI), which aim to support the creation and consolidation of new technology-based companies in Spain.

Search for investors
We put you in touch with various investment forums to achieve the necessary financing to consolidate your product and/or service.  


Advice on management accounting, taxation and labor legislation
The UAB Research Park companies benefit from discounts from or different agencies providing taxation, labour and legal consulting services.


Professional training
According to the needs of each company. 


Advice on intellectual property 
Discounts are also available from Legal Service UAB and Clarke Modet & Cº for drafting patents and other intellectual property related procedures.


We offer a range of resources to help you cope with the initiation and international expansion of your project.