Guides for Evaluators

Eligible applications after the formal eligibility check are forwarded to experts who evaluate the research proposal and the CV. Applicants will be judged on professional merits, scientific and technological quality of the proposed project, feasibility of implementation and the potential impact of the proposed project. To see the complete list of evaluation criteria, please download the guide of applicant

Each application will be reviewed by an external international panel of experts within the scientific area covered by the specific programme area. Each applicant will receive the evaluation report and an overall score.

The hiring decision will be based on the evaluation and score given by the international review panels.

Once the evaluation has taken place, an evaluation summary report will be sent to the applicants including the following information:

  • Final score
  • Funding decision: (a) recommended for funding, (b) reserve list, (c) rejected list
  • Strengths and weaknesses of the proposal
Successful applicants will receive an offer of hire in March 2017 by email. The offer must be accepted within 14 days of receipt. It is therefore important that all applicants have access to their email during this period. Successful applicants will have to start their work with the P-sphere project not later than September 2017.

A reserve list will be established. If applicants decline or fail to accept an offer of hire within the specified time limit, fellowships will be offered to applicants on the reserve list.