Copyright issues

Open Access Deposit (self-archiving)

As author, when you sign an agreement with a publisher, you are very often signing and exclusive contract, transferring all the exploitation rights of your work to the publisher.
However, to retain part of the exploitation rights, it is possible to use an addendum to the copyright contracts. You will find help in the Scholar’s Copyright Addendum Engine, created by ScienceCommons. You can use also the license model from JISC. (ATENCIÓ: l’enllaç no funciona).
While some commercial publishers reserve for themselves the exclusive publishing and distribution rights of the articles, others reserve some rights but allowing to deposit the articles in institutional or subject non-profit repositories.
Every publisher has its own policy about open access repositories and there is no common rule by default. Look up for publishers’ policy in:

If you have doubts on Intellectual property, check in:
Creative Commons Licenses

Creative Commons (CC) licenses allow the authors for keep and manage the exploitation rights.
Check the CC licenses recommended by the UAB: