Master's Degree in Psychobiology and Cognitive Neuroscience


Master's degree taught completely online, addressed to graduates in psychology, biology and medicine who wish to further their knowledge of the biology of cognitive processes and behaviour.


The main objective of this Master's degree is to gain a knowledge of the psychobiological bases of motivated perceptions and behaviour, emotions, learning processes and memory and awareness.

Access requirements

This master's degree is mainly addressed to graduates (or those with an equivalent qualification) in Psychology, Medicine or Biology, though access is also open to graduates in any discipline within health sciences, social sciences or human sciences.

Career opportunities

Specific to the area of neuroscience in psychology, biology and medicine.


Marta Montolio Rusiñol

Phone: 932478188



UAB-specific Master's Degree

10 Edition
Places: 100
Orientation: Academic
Code: 1725/10
Price: 3960 ¤

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Modality: Online
Location: online
Dates: from 19/09/2016 to 31/07/2017
Teaching language:
Spanish (100%)
Coordinating centres:
Instituto de Neurociencias
Collaborating centres:
Viguera Editores, SL
Departamento de Psicobiología y Metodología de las Ciencias de la Salud

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