Master's Degree in Hippotherapy and Therapeutic Horseback Riding


After 13 years offering the Graduate Diploma in Equestrian Injury Rehabilitation-Hippotherapy, the time has come to set up a master's degree in this area, with therapeutic horseback riding as a new addition that opens the doors to graduates in psychology and speech therapy

This master's degree aims to train doctors, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, psychologists and speech therapists to use horses as a therapy tool in the exercise of their respective professions.

Hippotherapy is the first stage in equine therapy. The riders' disabilities may prevent them from controlling the horses, in which case handlers are needed. If this stage is completed successfully, patients can move on to therapeutic horseback riding – vaulting and adaptive riding.

Therapeutic horseback riding can be done when the rider is in control of the horse and can ride it, even at walking pace, without help. It differs from hippotherapy in that the emphasis moves from therapy to preparation for horse-riding as a sport.

This is a major change, as the rider has to take decisions, predict the horse's reactions and stay in control all the time. It works on autonomy, memory, patience, attention, controlling emotions and coping with frustration, among other factors, and at the same time fosters a certain sensibility that would be difficult to achieve without the horse.

Therapeutic horseback riding can lead into horse-riding as a sport, even as far as competing in international para-equestrian events.


- Acquire the necessary knowledge, skills, techniques and procedures to be able to look after and lead a horse.
- Acquire the necessary knowledge, skills, techniques and procedures for the rehabilitation of people and the maintenance of their health using the three dimensional rhythmic movement of the horse in walking gait through Equine-Assisted Therapy.

Access requirements

Bachelor's degree or pre-EHEA university diploma in physiotherapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, medicine or psychology.

Career opportunities

Hippotherapy and Horse-riding Therapy are promising area of work as they represent emerging specialisations in Spain. In other countries with a stronger horse-riding tradition they have been accepted and consolidated and provide a broad range of professional opportunities.

The number of centres using horses for therapeutic ends has grown in recent years although poorly qualified professionals offering bad practice has also been observed, with the negative consequences that this produces.


Teresa Xipell Prunés

Phone: 935893727



UAB-specific Master's Degree

3 Edition
Places: 20
Orientation: Professional
Code: 3145/3
Price: 4900 ¤

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Modality: Onsite
Location: E.U. de Fisioteràpia Gimbernat, Av.Generalitat s/n, 08174 Sant Cugat del Vallès (Barcelona)
Dates: from 20/09/2018 to 14/02/2020
Teaching language:
Spanish (80%), Catalan (17%), French (3%)
Coordinating centres:
Escuela Universitaria de Enfermería y Fisioterapia Gimbernat
Collaborating centres:
Federació Catalana d'Hipica
El Col.legi de Fisioterapeutes de Catalunya
Criadores del Caballo Àrabe, Complutum Arabians
Fundació Federica Cerdà
Hípica Collserola

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