Master's Degree in European Handwriting Analysis, Graphistics, Graphopathology and Forensic Graphology


Today's society attaches particular importance to learning about individuals' current state and their potential for the future through cultural manifestations. Writing is one of the most highly specialised of these manifestations, in terms of both content and form, and the application of graphology techniques can be of great use, not only to the heads of organisations but also in other areas in which cultural and personal variables need to be identified and interpreted.

It is necessary to provide training in the graphology techniques and tools that best suit each case, and in how to interpret their results scientifically.

It is also necessary to build up a body of professionals who can operate in different areas. To achieve this, the programme first of all provides an exhaustive analysis of doctoral theses, bibliography and research projects, compiled since 1996 with contributions from lecturers at universities in other countries. It goes much further than this, however, applying positive handwriting analysis to real cases in which all the relevant documentation is available so as to reduce the risk of students mistakenly drawing unsupported conclusions.

This is a profession-oriented programme that qualifies its students to issue expert reports, including those issued for legal purposes. The programme focuses on the issuing of expert authentication reports, mainly on manuscripts and signatures (contracts, delivery notes, cheques, bills of exchange, wills, postal votes, missives, anonymous messages, or graffiti), but also on typewritten documents and others (official or commercial forms, etc.).

Forensic Handwriting Analysis is the scientific study and application of advanced handwriting analysis techniques for the interpretation of both content and form in handwriting and other written marks, with the purpose of identifying documents for legal and crime investigation purposes, among others.

Access requirements

Bachelor's degree, pre-EHEA university diploma or equivalent.

This master's degree is addressed to those wishing to work as specialist professionals in European forensic handwriting analysis: forensic handwriting analysts and experts in pathological and criminological graphology. It is therefore of interest to lawyers, court officials, public and private security officers, doctors and senior nurses, criminologists, etc.

Career opportunities

Handwriting analyst or forensic handwriting analyst working with the public administration, law firms, individual clients and the courts.

Forensic handwriting analyst on courts' duty rotas and lists of designated experts.

Preparation of pre-trial or extra-judicial expert reports or certificates, collaboration with professional associations, sports clubs or other organisations in the identification of postal votes.

Collaboration with law firms.

Students who pass the Master's degree will be recognised by the professional associations that have agreements in place with the Institute of Graphic Sciences (ICG) and the Institutional Council of Forensic Science Teachers and Laboratory Directors, which gives them all the advantages provided by these organisations to students on programmes proposed by the ICG (courts' duty rota, jobs bank, discounts, etc.).


Rosa Maria Custó

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UAB-specific Master's Degree

6 Edition
Places: 50
Orientation: Professional
Code: 3080/6
Price: 4620 ¤

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Modality: Onsite
Location: Casa de Convalencència, Barcelona/Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
Dates: from 13/01/2018 to 02/11/2019
Teaching language:
Spanish (90%), English (10%)
Coordinating centres:
Escuela de Prevención y Seguridad Integral
Collaborating centres:
Institut de Ciències del Grafisme

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