This Master's degree continues with the same aim to offer professional training to students qualified in Physiotherapy and Veterinary Medicine graduates, mainly in the rehabilitation of muscular-skeletal injuries of congenital, traumatic or post-surgical origin in horses.

It aims to integrate the theoretical knowledge in different disciplines for its practical application in prevention, as a complement the treatment and rehabilitation of horses.

Access requirements

- Associate's degree in Physical Therapy
- Bachelor's degree in Veterinary Medicine

Career opportunities

- Physiotherapists and vets specialising in the prevention and treatment of injuries in horses in different disciplines.

- Promotion and management of specialist equine physiotherapy services.

- Teaching future physiotherapists using the knowledge acquired.


Marta Prades Robles

Phone: 935813269



UAB-specific Master's Degree

6 Edition
Places: 25
Orientation: Professional
Code: 2501/6
Price: 6580 Ą

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Modality: Onsite
Location: Escola UniversitÓria d'Infermeria i FisioterÓpia Gimbernat
Dates: from 14/09/2017 to 19/11/2018
Teaching language:
Spanish (60%), English (20%), Catalan (10%), French (10%)
Coordinating centres:
Departamento de Medicina y CirugÝa Animal
Escuela Universitaria de EnfermerÝa y Fisioterapia Gimbernat

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