The Master's degree in Clinical Ethology was created in response to the great demand from clinical veterinarians and the lack of official courses in this area. It lasts 11 months. Students attend theory-based classes and undertake practical work. The programme aims to provide students with the knowledge they will need to advise on any aspect of pet behaviour and resolve the main behavioural problems.


The objective of this programme is to train students in the field of veterinary clinical ethology. Clinical ethology involves resolving problems of behaviour which may be displayed by domestic animals. The resolution of these behavioural problems in dogs and cats is important for two main reasons:

- They are one of the main causes of euthanasia and abandonment of dogs and cats.

- Problems of aggression are important for public health.

Access requirements

Bachelor's degree in Veterinary Medicine, Biology, Psychology, Education Studies or Medicine.

Access is also open to holders of pre-EHEA university diplomas in Physiotherapy and special education teachers.

Exceptionally, students from other specialisations may be admitted, subject to an assessment of their Curriculum Vitae and a personal interview.

Career opportunities

- Veterinary ethologist.

- Advisor on dog and cat behaviour problems in veterinary clinics, breeding centres, refuges, training centres, dog homes and centres that provide assisted therapy.


Marta Amat Grau

Phone: 935811352


UAB-specific Master's Degree

13 Edition
Places: 40
Orientation: Professional
Code: 2087/13
Price: 4500 Ą

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Modality: Blended
Location: Facultat de VeterinÓria de la UAB
Dates: from 06/02/2018 to 10/12/2018
Teaching language:
Spanish (70%), English (30%)
Coordinating centres:
Departamento de Ciencia Animal y de los Alimentos
Collaborating centres:
Facultad de Veterinaria
Hospital ClÝnico Veterinario

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