Master's Degree in Child and Adult Clinical Neuropsychology (Donostia)


The Master in Child and Adult Clinical Neuropsychology trains psychologists specialized in clinical neuropsychology in response to the increasing demand for such professionals from the labour market.

The approach is fundamentally clinical, with the required theoretical knowledge, but based on the acquisition of clinical experience through practice at specific centers. This requirement to obtain crucial practical training makes this a three-year Master, in which the student, full time right from the start, takes more than 2800 hours of practice.

The small number of students allows a type of training in which teamwork, case discussion, bibliographical meetings, and papers allow for dynamic and participative learning.

The Master in Child and Adult Clinical Neuropsychology tries to consolidate team and research work by means of research credits and collaboration with the health care centers, which provide us with the pool of patients necessary for research in Clinical Neuropsychology.


- Train expert psychologists in clinical neuropsychology.

- Offer students the necessary knowledge and experience to work as neuropsychologists in clinical practice for adults and children.

- Train professional to be able to intervene in the different areas related to neuropsychology: diagnosis and/or rehabilitation of adults and children.

- Show students how to use the tools and instruments of diagnosis and intervention in a flexible manner and adapt them to each objective and each specific situation.

- Encourage teamwork and the capacity to communicate with the different professionals involved.

- Offer basic knowledge of research in clinical neuropsychology.

Access requirements

- Degree in Psychology who have taken the subjects on the clinical track.

- It is a requirement to hold a degree in psychology and necessary to have a sufficient level of English to be able to read articles, along with sufficient time available for the clinical practicum.

Career opportunities

- Neuropsychologist specialized in neurology and neurosurgery services.
- Neuropsychologist specialized in psychiatry services.
- Neuropsychologist specialized in specific dementia diagnostic units (EAIA).
- Neuropsychologist specialized in child neuropsychology and learning disabilities units.
- Rehabilitation neuropsychologist in brain damage centers.
- Forensic neuropsychologist.
- Neuropsychologist specialized in residency or daycare center specifically for cognitive impairment and/or dementia patients.


Mercè Jodar

Phone: 935811166



UAB-specific Master's Degree

6 Edition
Places: 23
Orientation: Professional
120 ECTS
Code: 3166/6
Price: 8500 ¤

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Modality: Onsite
Location: MATIA Fundazioa Camino de los Pinos 27 20018 Donostia, Guipúzcoa
Dates: from 06/10/2016 to 28/06/2019
Teaching language:
Spanish (97%), English (3%)
Coordinating centres:
Departamento de Psicología Clínica y de la Salud
Collaborating centres:
Matia Fundazioa
Asociación de Traumatismos Craneoencefálicos de España (ATECE Vizcaya)
Asociación de Traumatismos Craneoencefálicos de España (ATECE Guipuzcoa)
Asociación de Esclerosis Múltiple de Guipuzcoa (ADEMGI)
Hospital de Donostia
Residencia / Centro de día EHARI
Asociación de Daño Cerebral de Navarra (ADACEN)
Asociación de Parkinson de Guipúzcoa (ASPARGUI)
Centro Arrigunaga
Title obtained:
Master in Child and Adult Clinical Neuropsychology

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