Obligatory tutored curricular work experience included in module 3, aim to offer real work experience in the organisations attached to this master's degree. The consist of learning in real situations in the workplace and undertaking the tasks of the organisation in which they are offered.

- Affinity
- Barcelona City Council. Animal Protection Agency
- ANAA, National Association of Friends of Animals
- Catalan Association of Municipalities
- AWSHEL-IAS, Animal Welfare: Science, Humanities, Ethics and Law. Interdisciplinary Animal Studies(I.Franklin-UAH)
- Animal Rights Committee of the Barcelona Law Association
- Department of Agriculture, Husbandry, Fishing, Food and Environment. General Directorate for the Environment and Biodiversity. Generalitat de Catalunya
- Department of Philosophy (UAB)
- European Veterinary Federation (EVF). Brussels
- ADS Research group (UAB)
- Istituto G. Caporale. Teramo (Italy)
- Lewis and Clark University. Center for Animal Law Studies (USA)
- Michigan State University College of Law, Animal Legal Web Center (USA
- Universidade Federal da Bahia (UFBA). Faculdade de Direito. Istituto Abolicionista Animal (Brazil)
- Université de Limoges. Faculté de Droit (France)
- University of Basel. Law School. "Law and Animals: Ethics at Crossroads" (Schweiz)
- Vier-Pfoten-Stiftung, European Büro (Brussels)

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