Graduate Diploma in Organisation and People Management in accordance with International Standard SGE 900


The International Standard SGE 900 is a benchmark for Expert Business Management and Decision Making, and is recognized internationally within all business sectors.
It is aimed at professionals who are directly or indirectly involved in the area of Business Management, Administration and Decision Making, with the objective of helping them to develop and continuously improve their qualifications, competitiveness, productivity and innovation.
During the 2016-17 academic year the NRI SGE 900 aims to continue its innovative course and meet the social challenge of bring to the world of the public university a standardised system of professional qualification which will allow participants to be personally audited by the internationally recognised APPLUS+ for accrediting certification.

The standard is based on the Universal Business Management Model R-5, observing the principles of the laws of economics:
- Establish the results for the sustained success of the business
- Establish and specify the process which organisations have to follow and its interaction with the results.
- Once the critical business processes are established, the knowledge and resources necessary for expert business management must be established.
- This means having available sufficient knowledge and resources to ensure the competition and decision-making skills that affect expert management of the critical business processes to:
- Identify which processes are critical, because of their high risk, to ensure the sustained success of the organisation.
- Capacity to apply efficient control procedures in these processes.
- Ensuring the efficiency of the information processing and especially its quality and speed to ease the decision-making of those responsible.
Continually facilitating preventative and corrective measures.

Access requirements

- To gain access to this programme a minimum amount of experience in direction, management and responsibility in organisations must be accredited.
- A university degree or equivalent higher education qualification with 180 ECTS credits is necessary to obtain the postgraduate diploma. The original and a photocopy of the certificate must be presented.
Where candidates do not have a university degree their registration will have no academic validity and will not lead to the postgraduate diploma, but a certificate will be issued.
- Foreign students must bring their university degree certificate or equivalent and the corresponding Europass Certificate Supplement or academic transcript in the case of non-European countries, officially recognised and legalised (originals and photocopies).
- The School for Graduate Studies may, where necessary, ask students to provide proof that their qualification can lead to access to postgraduate study in their country. This proof may be provided by presenting a letter from their home university or educational centre.

Career opportunities

- Manager of organisations
- Manager of business units
- Specialist training
- Management consultant
- Business assessor
- Entrepreneur


Inma González Díaz


UAB Graduate Diploma

1 Edition
Places: 35
Orientation: Academic, Professional
Code: 3697/1
Price: 2948 ¤

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Modality: Blended
Location: Best Business Service, SL
Dates: from 20/10/2017 to 31/03/2018
Teaching language:
Spanish (100%)
Coordinating centres:
Departamento de Psicología Social
Collaborating centres:
Best Business Service, SL

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