Graduate Diploma in Learning Patterns and Quality in Education


The Graduate Diploma in Learning Patterns and Quality in Education deals with the factors involved in learning quality at the different stages of education, from early schooling to university and continuous professional development, with particular emphasis on the model of learning patterns proposed by Jan Vermunt (1998; 2005). In addition, it provides a thorough review of the impact of certain contextual factors in learning, with particular reference to the Ibero-American territories. We will carry out a series of activities to gain an understanding of Jan Vermunt's model and reflect on it, singling out the role of the so-called personal and contextual factors in generating quality in education.

Finally, on the basis of this discussion and the reflections it gives rise to, we will seek to propose a teaching or research action for a specific stage of education and context (family, primary school, secondary school, university, in-company, etc.) that will ensure educational quality.

It is aimed specifically at professionals in the field of education and educational psychology. However, it also provides an opportunity for those interested in work or research in other contexts: family, primary, secondary and higher education, or lifelong learning, in the Ibero-American territories.

The programme provides an innovative analysis of different components (conceptions of learning, motivation, processing and regulation strategies) that until the 2000s were only studied independently of each other. Today there is clearly a pressing need to study these components together as a unit and to define both theoretical and empirical lines that are closer (and more appropriate) to specific contexts.

This new model is widely recognised internationally, especially in northern Europe and Asia, but it is still little-known in the Ibero-American territories. For the sake of quality in education, therefore, it needs to be understood and disseminated within teaching and learning processes at different levels and in different domains.

The programme has arisen in response to demand from different parts of the Ibero-American territories following the publication of our research findings, in particular, those of the national and international researchers coordinated by Dr J.R. Martínez-Fernández in the PAFIU group at the UAB (code number 2462).

We are aware of the need to transfer the knowledge generated by the different sub-groups within PAFIU to as many educational levels as possible (family, primary, secondary and higher education, non-formal education and workplace training). For this reason this programme was designed in conjunction with specialists from other fields, working both in research and in professional practice.


- Analyse the Vermunt Model (1998; 2005) of learning patterns, and its implications in specific contexts and domains.
- Discuss the basic competences for an education of high quality.
- Reflect on different areas of operation (family, primary education, secondary education, higher education and in-company training) in relation to learning patterns for an education of high quality.

- Design an instructional activity or research project aimed at transferring knowledge on learning patterns and high-quality education.

Access requirements

- pre-EHEA university diploma and/or bachelor's degree in Education Studies, Psychology, Educational Psychology, Education and/or Social Sciences. Other university diplomas and/or bachelor's degrees.
- Academic transcript.

Career opportunities

Counselling and consultancy in different areas, depending on specialisation:
-Primary school
-Secondary education and vocational training
-Higher education
-Workplace training

Research into learning patterns.
Research into education quality.
Curriculum design and design of different types of context-based training.
Evaluation of programmes and projects in both public and private institutions.

This graduate diploma will also be of great value to those already working in any of the contexts covered.


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UAB Graduate Diploma

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Modality: Online
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Dates: from 12/02/2018 to 31/10/2018
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Spanish (100%)
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Facultad de Ciencias de la Educación

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