Graduate Diploma in Integrated Nursing Care for Fragile Patients with Complex Chronic Patologies


In the last few decades our society has undergone numerous socio-cultural changes that have affected a population suffering from an unprecedented phenomenon: ageing.

However, in parallel to this demographic evolution, and independently of age, we need to consider a fact that has a major impact on our society, which is the increase in the number of people suffering from chronic degenerative processes, especially as a result of neurodegenerative illnesses and those suffering serious secondary effects of trauma or other brain injuries.

These circumstances make it necessary to meet challenges when engaging in health planning and also when training professionals to deal with this type of population where the nursing community plays a very important role.

The true situation is that the chronic nature of some illnesses and the associated fragility carry a high risk for the loss of independence, sever incapacity, which are often associated with circumstances of social isolation, relationship conflicts within the family unit and problems of social and family adaptation.

Therefore, to optimise the quality of life for people in fragile situations and those who are dependent on others they need to be attended by professionals with the best possible preparation in order to ensure the greatest success from the start of the treatment, especially in more extreme situations, until the patient is discharged from hospital and/or the health centre and their subsequent local health centre monitoring.


Theory module:

- Acquire knowledge and skills to underpin competent, systematic nursing in the various acute clinical situations that the chronic patient can present at different levels of care.
- Identify, analyse and adopt the most appropriate response to typical health problems in chronic patients with complications, keeping in mind the needs of the patient and the family, and situational factors.

- Design suitable treatment plans for typical problems in nursing care for chronic patients, focusing on prevention and healthy living.
- Apply the principles of integral health care to nursing practice: cooperation between different professionals, integration of processes, and continuity of care.
- Identify the present and potential future needs of the frail patient with a complex, chronic pathology.
- Describe the different models for organising care given to chronic patients.
- Justify the choice of particular nursing care actions to meet the needs of frail patients, on the basis of scientific evidence.
- Analyse the nurse's specific responsibilities and functions with respect to chronicity, in the interests of effectively and efficiently organised teamwork.
- Identify aspects of the use and control of drugs that could jeopardise the health of frail patients with a complex chronic pathology.
- Discuss ethical issues arising in the context of chronicity.

Theory-practice module:

- Acquire the theoretical and practical knowledge needed to perform the Basic Life Support procedure.
- Acquire skills in insertion techniques and monitoring of catheter users.
- Interpret ECG results in the case of a patient with cardiological problems.
- Handle the specific material needed for the care of a chronic patient with cardiac and respiratory decompensation.
- Select and apply the different treatments for prevention and cure in a patient who has pressure injuries or is at risk of sustaining these.
- Describe the nursing care for a patient with tracheostomy and mechanical ventilation.
- Handle the specific material needed for the care of a patient receiving artificial nutrition.
- Describe the nursing procedures for obtaining biological samples and transfusion of blood products.

Clinical practice module:

- Acquire a broad vision of the different units and services that provide care for the frail patient.
- Share experiences with other professionals and mature professionally by gaining insights into areas outside one's normal practice.
- Reinforce and transfer learning acquired in the theory classes.
- Apply the knowledge and techniques learnt.

Access requirements

Diploma or Grade in Nursing

Career opportunities

- Care for frail patients suffering from chronic illnesses in hospitals or residential health centres.
- Home care
- Surgery care
- Day centres


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UAB Graduate Diploma

12 Edition
Places: 30
Orientation: Professional
Code: 1331/12
Price: 1700 ¤

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Modality: Onsite
Location: Institut Universitari Parc Taulí Corporació Sanitaria Parc Taulí. Parc Taulí s/n 08208 Sabadell
Dates: from 26/10/2016 to 24/05/2017
Teaching language:
Catalan (70%), Spanish (30%)
Coordinating centres:
Instituto Universitario Fundación Parc Taulí

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