Graduate Diploma in Emergency Medicine and Critical Care in Small Animals


This program will not realize this academic course
Students on this programme will acquire theoretical and practical knowledge of the day-to-day practice of emergency medicine and critical care in small animals.
In recent years clinical specialties have become an essential part of professional veterinary medicine.
The path to specialisation, as laid out by the various professional associations, is a long one, and is limited to a very small number of persons who have undergone years of clinical training. Unfortunately this path is not open to many professionals seeking to broaden their knowledge of this clinical area.
This programme aims to provide students with the knowledge they will need to work in the clinical specialty of emergency medicine and critical care in small animals. It is aimed at all veterinarians, both recent graduates and those with some experience who wish to learn more about this specialty. From the first module onwards, practising clinicians on the course will be able to apply their new learning in their own work.

The course is taught by highly-experienced lecturers from Europe and America, specialising in the topics covered in each module. It is a pioneering programme of high quality, providing both theoretical and practical clinical content.


- Offer basic knowledge in handling emergency patients, pathogeny, therapy and monitoring of canine and feline patients.
- Offer updated theoretical knowledge in different areas, both general and specialised, which complete the pluridisciplinary view necessary for correct handling of this kind of patient.
- Offer practical sessions to enable students to acquire skills in basic surgical techniques and the usual diagnostic procedures in intensive medicine.

- Propose solutions for complex clinical cases with a complete and standardised protocol.

Access requirements

Bachelor's degree in Veterinary Medicine.

Career opportunities

Small-animal clinical veterinary practice.


Carlos Torrente Artero

Phone: 935811387


UAB Graduate Diploma

3 Edition
Places: 30
Orientation: Professional
Code: 3468/3
Price: 5500 §

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Modality: Onsite
Location: Facultat de Veterinŗria Campus UAB, Bellaterra (Barcelona)
Dates: from 20/11/2017 to 16/05/2018
Teaching language:
Spanish (100%)
Coordinating centres:
Departamento de Medicina y CirugŪa Animal

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