The postgraduate course in Anthrozoology was first offered in 2015. The reception of the diploma was very positive, and in fact exceeded our expectations, with registration from over 20 students. Our students’ profiles are varied, as we expected from the multidisciplinary nature of anthrozoology. The postgraduate course is a positive contribution to the availability of training in all aspects relating to companion animals. The complementary nature of the studies currently offered by the UAB is demonstrated by the fact that two of our students are simultaneously studying the master’s degree in Animal Law and the postgraduate diploma in Anthrozoology.

Half the families in this country have at least one companion animal.

Living with an animal has positive effects on people’s physical and mental health. Indeed, most owners of a companion animal consider it to be a part of their social network and a source of emotional support. These values are particularly present for children, who also find that having a dog (for instance) is a good opportunity to acquire significant notions such as responsibility and empathy.

In recent years, these benefits have also been recognised within the field of therapy in the form of animal-assisted therapies.
However, cohabitation with companion animals also has aspects that are negative. First, companion animals may be mistreated; this can occur, for instance, if they live in families with a history of domestic violence.
Second, certain forms of irresponsible ownership may be related to specific psychopathological profiles, such as so-called animal accumulators.
Third, animals may be abandoned. Currently, such mistreatment is the main problem associated with problems of welfare for companion animals. Abandonment represents the definitive failure of cohabitation between the animal and its host family. Understanding the mechanisms of this cohabitation is therefore key in reducing this type of mistreatment.

The objective of anthrozoology is to provide the scientific analysis of human and animals relations, fundamentally on the basis of the use of psychometric tools and behavioural-assessment tests.
The postgraduate diploma in anthrozoology focusses on the scientific study of the relation established between people and companion animals, from the perspective of the analysis of human behaviour.
Since 2012, the UAB Department of Psychiatry and Legal Medicine has held the Cátedra Fundación Affinity Animales y Salud (The Chair of the Animal and Health Affinity Foundation), dedicated to the scientific study of all aspects relating to the relation between people and companion animals.
From this Chair, we have been able to ascertain the interest in a training programme of this nature, both on the part of our collaborators and students and also from collaborating institutions.


Acquire the latest knowledge about all factors that can explain the relationship between human beings and animals, from the perspective of psychiatry and psychology.

Access requirements

- Bachelor's degree in the field of health sciences: medicine, veterinary medicine, biology, psychology, etc.
- Other university qualifications.
- Access to this course will also be considered for candidates who do not have the above qualifications, for example, if they have sufficient proven professional experience in the sector. On passing the course, these students will receive a certificate.

Career opportunities

- Scientific assessment of the relationship between animals and humans in any field of interest.
- Management and communication tasks in animal shelters.
- Management and communication tasks in animal protection organisations.
- Technical interventions related to animals for public administration staff.
- Research in the field of anthrozoology.


Paula Calvo Soler

Phone: 933160451


UAB Graduate Diploma

4 Edition
Places: 25
Orientation: Research, Professional
Code: 3385/4
Price: 2075 ¤

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Modality: Onsite
Location: Campus Mar UAB c/Doctor Aiguader 80, 08003 Barcelona.
Horaris: Dilluns i Dimecres de 17 a 20 hores.
Dates: from 15/01/2018 to 19/12/2018
Teaching language:
Spanish (100%)
Coordinating centres:
Departamento de Psiquiatría y Medicina Legal
Collaborating centres:
Ajuntament de Barcelona

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