Course in Tradumatica Summer School: Translation Technologies


Course in Tradumatica Summer School: Translation Technologies
The Tradumatica Summer School: Translation Technologies is an intensive course for those interested in technology-related translation processes (machine translation; automatic translation, localisation, etc.).

The process of translation in the Knowledge Society is developed through the use of technology and translation tools. In fact, the very same technologies have generated the need to translate a great variety of digital formats that can only be translated through the help of specific computer tools and resources such as all text types requiring a digital support (web pages, smart-phone programmes, television texts, etc.). The ability to effectively use these tools is also essential in any ambit of specialised translation (technical-scientific translation or legal translation, for instance).

In such a context, the current employment market demands translators who are familiar with the use of translation technologies and digital formats. Currently, translation technologies allow a broad range of process to be carried out: project management, localisation of websites, multimedia, mobile app and video-game localisation, layout, quality control, automatic translation and post-editing, etc. In this sense, then, technology is simply an instrument that allows us to work within the sector of translation and localisation in a more effective and productive way.


The course has been designed so that its contents cover all the phases of the translation process, from the reception of the project until its very same delivery, all through the analysis, the preparation, the translation and the postproduction of the translation assignment. Various types of workflows are included in the course, i.e. Computer-Assisted Translation (CAT), Machine Translation (MT) and localisation (video-games, mobile apps, images, software and web). Furthermore, the course touches upon contents such as active job search and business management.


The principal training objective of the Tradumatica Summer School: Translation Technologies is to introduce participants to the world of professional translation with technologies.

From this general objective, we also derive the following:

- Participants will become familiar with the distinct processes of machine translation (computer-assisted translation, localisation, automatic translation) and the related work flows.

- Participants will become familiar with the range of professional profiles in the world of translation.

Access requirements

The course is aimed at translation professionals wishing to enter the ambit of translation technologies, at translation students and at at recent graduates in translation of related areas.


Adria Martin Mor

Phone: 935813379



UAB Specialisation Course

2 Edition
Places: 30
Code: 3623/2
Price: 725 ¤

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Modality: Onsite
Location: Facultat de Traducció i Interpretació, Campus UAB. Bellaterra (Barcelona)
Dates: from 19/06/2017 to 30/06/2017
Teaching language:
English (100%)
Coordinating centres:
Departamento de Traducción e Interpretación y de Estudios de Ásia Oriental

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