8 March 2016: International Working Women's Day Next Tuesday, 8 March will take place the XI Institutional Ceremony in commemoration of the International Women's Day, act is organised by the Observatory for Equality [+]
New workshops on gender perspective The Observatory for Equality organises three new activities with credit recognition that link gender with law, politics, and economy [+]
"In gender equality we have many arguments in our favour; now it is time to actually make policy" Agnès Hubert, French economist, political scientist and journalist, has worked for many years in the European Commission on gender equality and social matters. She has come to the UAB to take part in the EGERA project on gender equality. [+]
The Effective Gender Equality in Research and the Academia project (EGERA) meets again at UAB The Observatory for Equality holds again a workshop for this European project, to introduce seminars on Gender in Research and Gender in Universities’ Governance, as well as several meetings of the Advisory Council, the Consortium Board, and the committee of researchers [+]
The Observatory collaborates with CEUCAT Up to 25 members of the Catalan University Students’ Council gathered at UAB to attend a training on “Inequalities and discrimination by sex in the university” [+]



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