"Brexit or the painful divorce between the United Kingdom and the European Union", a talk by Prof. Christian Auer
Conferenciant Christian Auer 06.04.2018 Divulgació  -  This conference will be held next April 19, at 13:00, at the room 111 of Facultat de Lletres.

Professor Emeritus Christian Auer of the University of Strasbourg analyses Brexit in its historical context, with special attention to the following issues.
·      Why did David Cameron decide to call the referendum on Brexit? 
·      The Leave and the Remain camps 
·      Britain's deep divisions exposed by Brexit 
·      Divisions in the government and in the Conservative Party
·      Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty and Theresa May's letter to Donald Tusk
·      The general election of June 8 2017
·      The different scenarios: from soft to hard Brexit
·      The key negotiation points
·      Conclusions 

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