The UAB celebrates Health and Sustainability Week


From 24 to 28 April, plenty of activities await at the Health and Sustainability Week, such as nature walks, races, laugh therapy sessions, eyesight workshops, conferences on healthy eating, motivation and relaxation, etc. The H&S week aims to promote healthy and sustainable lifestyle habits among the UAB community.


Over 60 free activities are offered to all of the UAB community in the eighth edition of the Health and Sustainability Week. Last year over 2,000 people participated in the activities.

Acquiring healthy and sustainable lifestyle habits is at the centre of the activities which are being offered during the UAB Healthy and Sustainable Week. The over 60 organised activities can be consulted in the week's programme (some will be available online through live streaming).

The activities are free and addressed to the entire university community: students, administration and teaching staff, and Alumni. Students enrolled in the Viu el campus SiS programme will be able to validate the activities they participate in with 2 ECTS credits; those interested must apply before 20 April. (More detailed information on the "Viu el Campus SiS" programme). Teaching and research staff (PDI), as well as alumni need only register for the activities. All administration staff (PAS) need to sign up for the activities they are interested in before 5 April (if required, attendance to the activities will be compensated as work hours). The order of registration will be the criteria used in all activities with a limited number of places.

The programme includes activities throughout the week which will be held in faculties, the Plaça Cívica, the SAF centre, the Àgora building, the Sabadell campus, the Aulari Central, the Auditorium (Sala d'Actes) of the Rectorat building, the Hotel d'Entitats, etc. This year there are more activities thanks to the commitment of students and teaching staff, who proposed several of the new activities.

The opening conference on Monday 24 April will be offered by Aitor Sánchez, who will talk about the "Myths of Healthy Eating", in Aula M2-002 of the Faculty of Medicine.

There will also be a lunch to raise awareness against food waste at the Plaça Cívica and the Sabadell campus at 1 p.m. on Tuesday 25 April. And a nature walk around Sabadell: Sant Oleguer caves, ice house and the Ripoll river park (3.7km). On that same day, there will be a Nordic walking workshop at the Plaça Cívica from 1:30 p.m. to Xavier Ortega, next to the car park.

On Wednesday 26 April, former student Pep Marí will offer a conference on motivation strategies ("Estratègies per la motivació") at 1 p.m. at the Auditorium (Sala d'Actes) of the Rectorat building. The conference is organised by UAB Alumni.

Throughout the week, the UAB restaurants will offer dishes from around the Mediterranean and the Physical Activity Service will be open to the public all week long.

Celebration of the central day on Thursday 27 April
The majority of activities will be held on the central day of the Health and Sustainability Week, Thursday 27 April. From 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. several food-trucks selling healthy and sustainable food will be placed at the central axis, between the Plaça Cívica and the bridge at Building B. Ten vintage-looking vans will be offering a variety of foods, such as Mexican food, vegan cakes, Mediterranean-Japanese food, Cuban sandwiches, gourmet burgers, artisan pizzas and ice creams, etc.

At 11 a.m. Ferran Ramón-Cortés will speak on communication and health in "Pot la nostra comunicació contribuir a la nostra salut?" at the Auditorium (Sala d'Actes) of the Rectorat building. Later, at 1 p.m., the Àgora building will host a conference by Margarita Martí Nocolovius on how eating less benefits the memory ("Menjar poc beneficia la memòria durant l'envelliment?").

The Fira Campus SIS will be open from 12 noon to 3 p.m. at the Plaça Cívica, where different UAB services related to health and sustainability will be offering information. At 1 p.m. a treasure hunt will start at the Fundació Autònoma Solidaria stand of the Plaça Cívica.

At 1:20 p.m. Carles Gispert, Vice Rector for Economy and Campus, will be in charge of signalling the start of the race, which will begin at the Plaça Cívica. Five minutes later a 5.7 km walk ("La ruta de les rieres") will also begin at the Plaça Cívica.

On Friday 29 March a new activity will be available, an escape room organised by the CORE in Mental Health and the Institute of Neurosciences. The escape rooms will be available for 4-6 people and will last 30 minutes.

Many other activities will also be held, including workshops for eye examinations or for those interested in quitting smoking, laugh therapy sessions, wheelchair basketball, zumba classes, spinning classes, paddle tennis, table tennis, and many more.

The restaurants located at the faculties of Arts and Humanities, Psychology, Sciences and Biosciences, Medicine, Social Sciences, Veterinary Medicine, the Rectorat building and the Plaça Cívica will offer menus with dishes from around the Mediterranean.

With these activities, the UAB consolidates the celebration of a whole week dedicated to promoting activities amongst the university community which favour acquiring healthy, sustainable habits. Last year over 2,000 people participated in the activities. This year marks the eighth edition of UAB's Health and Sustainability Week.

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