Physics+Mathematics once again the highest entrance mark in Catalonia: 13.318


A total of 26 UAB bachelor's degrees have cut-off marks above 10 corresponding to the first enrolment period of the 2018/19 academic year. Among the, are the combined degree in Physics+Mathematics which, once again, holds the highest cut-off mark in Catalonia, a 13.318.


As has happened in the past years, the UAB's combined degree in Physics and Mathematics has the highest cut-off mark in Catalonia, with 13.318 over 14. The entrance marks confirm a general acceptance of the combined degrees, as well as a great demand for the UAB's new 2018/19 undergraduate courses.

A total of 26 bachelor's degree have cut-off marks above 10, and some of them will be offered for the first time this year: International Relations (11.377), Political Science and Public Management and Sociology (11.040) and Computational Mathematics and Data Analytics (10.134). Additionally, the interuniversity degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics, which the UAB will participate in this coming academic year, holds a cut-off mark of 12.710. Another data worth mentioning is the good results of Gender Studies (8.878) and the degree in Data Engineering (8.170), which will be offered also for the first time in 2018/19.

With regards to the combined degrees, in addition to Physics + Mathematics, high entrance scores can also be found in Physics + Chemistry (12.540), Political Science and Public Administration + Law (11.316), Criminology + Law (10.570) and Early Childhood Education + Primary Education (10.484).

The other bachelor's degrees with entrance marks above ten are Medicine UAB-UPF (12.704), Medicine (12.334), Biomedical Sciences (12.244), Genetics (11.754), Physics (11.730), Veterinary Medicine (11.546), Biochemistry (11.338), Biotechnology (11.254), Mathematics (11.224), Microbiology (10.990), Biology (10.760), Advertising and Public Relations (10.737), Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (10.678), Environmetntal Biology (10.644), Nursing (10.534), Audiovisual Communication (10.160) and Physiotherapy (10.060).


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