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The Observatory to collect good practices in gender sensitive research at UAB within the framework of the EGERA project


The UAB, through the Observatory for Equality,is responsible for the compilation of good practices in gender sensitive research as a part of the EGERAproject (Effective Gender Equality in Research and the Academia). The practices will feed a database to be delivered to the European Commission and used in future awareness-raising actions by the scientific community.

A good practice in gender sensitive research may be any initiative, action or research project (including agreements and patents) that proves having incorporated the gender perspective or the analysis of sex and gender, either from specific or crosscutting approaches. Good practices in scientific fields where gender perspective has a lower impact will be particularly appreciated; these areas include the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), but also those that imply an innovation in their discipline with regard to the gender perspective.

Research projects and other activities or training and awareness-raising initiatives may be presented if they aim to strengthen the gender perspective and dimension in research. Initiatives that foster gender equality in research teams or the leadership of women in research projects are also considered to be good practices in gender sensitive research.

Research groups and other departments of UAB who may be interested in presenting its own research and actions as an example of good practices will find further information in the Directives and the sheet uploaded. 

Once the sheet is filled in, it must be sent to before July 31st 2016. Any doubts will be answered through the same e-mail or by telephone at 93 581 29 29.

Further information on the gender dimension in research:

More information: Guidlines to fill good practices information sheet


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