UAB Mobility Plan

In order to implement the Strategic Accessibility Plan and an awareness that accessibility to the UAB as a metropolitan site requires the participation of all the relevant authorities (UAB, Cerdanyola Council, Territorial Mobility Authority and the Generalitat de Catalunya), the UAB has involved them in drawing up a planning tool with specific measures, budget and calendar defined for firm policy commitments. This tool is the UAB Mobility Plan.

The UABMP aims to increase accessibility to the University using the principles and strategic lines of the Strategic Plant as a policy document.

In other words, with sustainability, safety, social equality as a reference, its strategic lines and the measures it proposes are oriented towards promoting collective transport, journeys by bicycle or on foot, as well as achieving more rational use of private vehicles.

The Plan proposes long and short term measures and responsibilities among the different authorities involved has an estimated cost of ?22M over a period of 6 years. 

Consult the mobility plan here:


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