CEUAB: The UAB Student Council

CEUAB: The UAB Student Council

Consell d'Estudiants de la UAB

The UAB Student Council (CEUAB) is the most important body of student representation and its main goal is to express the students' opinions to the decision-making bodies of the university, guaranteeing the rights of the student community.

It was constituted on 25 May, 2012 and it is composed of 59 students.

The UAB Student Council (CEUAB) is made up of two bodies: the Plenary and the Standing Committee. The Plenary is where discussions take place and decisions are made. Each faculty is represented by 4 students chosen by the Student Council of each centre. Once a year, the Plenary chooses the members of the Standing Committee, which is the executive body of the decisions taken by the Plenary.

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Contact CEUAB via email: consell.estudiants@uab.cat


Election of CEUAB Executive Committee

This academic year 17/18 take place the election of CEUAB Executive Committee


Election call 5th April
Election of the polling station 6th April
Provisional publication of the Plenary census from 6 al 13th April
Term for submissions of complaints for the Plenary census from
9 to 16th April
Term for presentation of candidacies for the Executice Committee from9 to 18th April
Final publication of the Plenary census 20th April
Provisional proclamation of the candidacies 20th April
Term for the submission of complaints for the provisional publication of candidacies from 23td to 25th April
Final publication or candidacies 26th April
Electoral campaign from 27th April to 4th May
Raffle of turns for the polling station 27th April
Telematic voting 7, 8 and 9th May
Voting in person
Sala de bienvenida al Centro de Recursos para Colectivos
8th May
Provisional proclamation of the results 10th May
Term for de submission of complaints for the provisional proclamation of the results from 10 to 14th May
Final proclamation of the results 15th May

Provisional cesus for the Executive Committee of the CEUAB election.

Final census of the elections for the Executive Committee of the CEUAB.

Junta Electoral
Friday April 6th the raffle of the members of the election board. It is formed by:

•    Adrià Rodríguez Ferreira
•    Marta Benosa Monclús
•    Núria Domènech Moreno
•    Marina Roda Nora

Minutes of the meeting of the election board of April 19th 2018.

The period for the presentation of candidacies is from April 9th to April 18th.
In order to stand for the elections, you must fill the candidacy form and take it to the General Registry of the UAB (timetable) during de period.

Proclamació definitiva de candidatures

Candidacy a)
President Estel Oleart Mariné
Secretary Albert Font i Sancho
Treasury Biel Mossol Clos
Vice president Laura Roger Anglada
  Adrià Ferrer Gatell
  Laura Gisbert López
  Andrea Lega Manzano

Candidacy b)
President Jordi Farré Delgado
Secretary Maria Tomàs Hidalgo
Treasury Iván González Moreno
Vice president Gerard Sala Mayench
  José Antonio Capitán Gutiérrez
  Ana Sánchez Balugo
  Sergio Bachiller Rubia
Committee Iván Martínez Gálvez