I participate! And you?

By participating you can learn to organise, to dialogue, to empathize, to speak in public, to manage resources… It is an opportunity to be creative, work in teams and mostly to cooperate. Participation enriches community.

For this reason, we want to make participation visible and we want to know about the communities in the UAB. We want to build a model of participation. Therefore, we need your help.

Create your participation plan!

Fill the survey and participate with the working groups to create the Participation Plan of the UAB.

You can fill the survey until May 15th:

- At the Plaça Cívica until May 8th from 12.00 h to 16.00 h.
- At the Resource Centre for Student Societies.
- At the office R-125 at the Agora (R building)
- At the faculties by speaking with the interns of Community Involvement.