#UABrefuge: the Autonomous university shelters

#UABrefugi: l'Aut˛noma acull

One in four people will develop problems related to mental health throughout their lives. Despite the growing importance of this reality, mental health persists invisible and stigmatized. On the one hand, the lack of visibility contributes to social ignorance and makes it difficult to detect the symptoms of mental illness. On the other, such invisibility can contribute to generate rejection towards people with disorders and to feed the taboo of mental health. Invisibility and stigma make it difficult to give an adequate response in each case and are the basis of social discrimination.
The university does not live isolated from society, mental health problems are also present and affect all groups, that is, the Student body, the PAS and the PDI. In order to give answer and adequate attention to the specific educational needs of the students, as well as to the labor needs of the PAS and the PDI, it is essential to work with the objective that the mental health is visible and without stigmas in the Autonomous University of Barcelona. The social commitment of the public university demands an active role to advance in the change of attitudes and behaviors of society towards people who have mental health problems. For this reason, the next edition of the UAB's Festa Major has the motto: "Mental health, visible without stigmas in the UAB".
The collective struggle against discrimination is essential, we count on your complicity!
Sara Moreno Colom
Vice-Rector for Students and Employment