Collaborate in the FM

Sostenibilitat Festa Major_en

The FM2016 will take place on 10th November from 1 pm to 9 pm and we would like to have the collaboration of students to co-manage the organization.

Environmental management and co-responsibility with the community are one of the main features of the UAB Festa Major. The UAB is of the pioneers in environmental and participative initiatives, which have been consolidated year after year.

This year we need a group of 25 students willing to collaborate with tasks such as, attention to the community, support to student and entities’ stands, and environmental integration management.

If you are a group of students who want to participate in the organization of the FM2016, please read carefully the following information:

1. In order to apply you need to send an email to, with the name of the spokesperson, a text that explains why you want to participate and the list of the group members. The deadline is 17th October 2016.

2. The applicant group should be made of 25 students, but if your group has a lower number of students, the organization may create a new group by putting two or more groups together.

The students who participate in the students’ stands cannot be a part of this group.

3. The selection criteria are as follows:

a) Student societies registered in elDirectori de la UAB and representation and student participation bodies have priority over the other applicants.
b) Groups of students of the last year of their degrees.
c) Other groups.
d) If the conditions are the same, then the selection will be based on order of registration.

4. The assignation will be published on 20th October in the website and the results will be communicated to the participants via email. The applicants who cannot ultimately participate will be placed in the waiting list. If there are vacancies, the organization will directly contact the students in the waiting list.

5. The selected group of students will receive instructions until the day of the FM2016 via the email and/or phone specified in the application, this will be the only official method of communication between the Community Involvement Unit and the group of students.

6. The selected group will have to attend a training and information meeting, and help with the students’ stands. These meetings will take place the week before the FM2016. If the participants do not attend the meetings their assignation can be revoked and their position assigned to the first group of students in the waiting list.

7. The students will co-ordinately collaborate in different spaces of the FM2016: information point and services to the stands, waste management, stands to exchange glass bottles for plastic bottles, reusable glasses rental and other spaces that the organization deems necessary during the FM2016.

8. The selected group of students will have the support and follow-up of a specialist of the organization.

9. The organization shall make available to the participants the material and clothing necessary to carry out their activities.

10. The group of students will receive monetary compensation for their collaboration and support in the FM2016.