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Justification 2016

Justification of the grants for activities organized by UAB students

After the resolution on the grants for activities is published, there will be a justification period, which shall be notified to the applicants.

In order to justify the grants, it is necessary to fill out the form bellow and bring it to the Administrative Coordination Unit in l’Àgora (R Building), with all required documentation for the justification of the grant (you should check out the Instructions for the justification procedure). Once the documentation is submitted, the Community Involvement Unit will examine it in order to guarantee that it meets the established requirements.

Do not forget that you have to justify the total amount of the grant received and that the 40% of the amount will be transferred once you have justified the grant.

As you can see in the form, you have to include a list of invoices that cover the total amount of the grant received. It is also necessary to attach the original invoices and make a brief report on the activities developed.

Do not forget that all invoices must match the date and name of each activity, therefore, for each invoice you must indicate the activity it refers to.

If an activity for which you requested a grant does not finally take place, you must fill the non-realization statement that you will find below.

We encourage you to check out the justification procedure instructions in order to submit correctly all the documentation that we require.

The address of l’Àgora is the following:

Building R - UAB Campus
08193 Bellaterra
Cerdanyola del Vallès 

Grants Justification Form 2016
Instructions for the justification procedure for the grants for activities organized by UAB students
Activity non realization statement