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Call 2016

Timing of the call: From 1 December 2015 until 30 January 2016
Total budgetary allocation: 10,000 € from the GG201583 project of Community Involvement.
Who can apply for these grants?
a) Student associations legally registered in the Directory of Student Societies.
b) Student Councils, both the General of the UAB and Student Councils from the different centers.
c) In case of other groups of students who wish to apply for these grants, they will have to do it through Student Councils, this means that the application must be submitted by Student Councils.
Applicant groups must fill out the activities sheet that you will find below for each activity.
Tutoring: You can request an appointment for tutoring by sending an email to The tutoring sessions will befrom 12 to 20 January 2016.
In order to do a good tutorial, it is necessary that you come with the Activities Sheet filled out with all the information of the activity and specific questions.
Maximum amount of the grant
1. For each activity, up to 70% of the total budget, or a maximum of 600 €.
2. For each beneficiary group, a maximum of 1,500 €.
3. Each group will receive a grant for a maximum of 3 activities.
Transfer of the aids granted
At the time of the resolution: 60%
Provided that all the required information to make the payment has been submitted.
At the time of the justification: 40%
Provided that all the expenses for the activity have been justified.

 Selection criteria:
1. Revitalization of the campus.
2. Promotion of equal opportunities.
3. Networking.
4. Research, dissemination and autonomous learning by students. 

Composition of the Assessment Committee:
Vice-rector for Students and Cooperation, 2 specialists from the Community Involvement Unit, 1 representative of the CEUAB and 2 students members of groups registered in the Directory, chosen by lot.
The applications for the grants must be submitted to the Registry of the UAB to the attention of the Vice-rectorate for Students and Cooperation.
You can find the Central Registry of the UAB in the main lobby of the Rectorate building.
The postal address is:
Registre General de la UAB.
Edifici A. Rectorat.
08193 Bellaterra (Cerdanyola del Vallès).
Hours: 9 am to 6 pm, Monday to Friday.

Only the Activities Sheets proposed in this call will be accepted.
Here you can download the following information:
Activities sheet for grants application 
Regulating Bases 2016 
Annex of selection criteria 2016 

Formulario de solicitud