Eleccions al representant d'elDirectori al CEUAB

The UAB Student Council (CEUAB) is the most important body in student representation and its main goal is to express the students' opinions to the decision-making bodies of the university, guaranteeing the rights of the student community.

It was constituted on 25 May, 2012 and it is composed of 55 students.

The UAB Student Council is made up of two bodies: the Plenary and the Standing Committee. The Plenary is where discussions take place and decisions are made. Each faculty is represented by 4 students chosen by the Student Council of each centre. Once a year, the Plenary chooses the members of the Standing Committee, which is the executive body of the decisions taken by the Plenary.

From among the 55 seats at the CEUAB, there is one for a representative of elDirectori, the register of the UAB students.
At the meeting held by elDirectori on 21 February, the following procedure was agreed on to choose the representative of the student societies at the Plenary of the UAB Student Council (CEUAB):

  1. The student societies registered at elDirectori will have the chance to present their nomination until 13 March 2017 by filling in the nomination form, scan it and send it to info.participacio@uab.cat.

  2. Only one nomination allowed per student society. Nominations are individual, but all candidates must be endorsed by a student society registered at elDirectori. The student societies registered at elDirectori may endorse one candidate only.

  3. After the nomination period, the final list of nominations will be announced.

  4. On 22 March, elections will be conducted at the Resource Centre for Student Societies, from 9:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.

  5. All the student societies registered at elDirectori are allowed to vote. Votes are not individual: each student society may pass the vote to one of its members, who will vote on behalf of all members. The spokesman will be asked to sign a form confirming his or her involvement in a student society formally registered at elDirectori.

  6. The outcome of the elections will be announced on 29 March.

  7. Electoral calendar:

    6 March Calling of elections.
    6 March to 10 March Public announcement of the electoral roll.
    Electoral roll
    9 March Election of the members of the Electoral Board and the Polling Station.
    Minutes of the election of the polling station members and the electoral board members
    6 March to 13 March Nomination of candidates.
    10 March Announcement of the final outcome of the electoral roll.
    Final outcome of the electoral roll
    14 March Announcement of the interim nominations.
    Announcement of the interim nominations by the Electoral Board
    15 March to 16 March Period for claims on the nominations.
    17 March Final announcement of the nominations.
    17 March to 21 March Election campaign.
    22 March Election day to choose the representative of elDirectori at the UAB Student Council.
    24 March Announcement of the interim results of the election.
    27 March Period for claims on the interim results.
    29 March Announcement of the final outcome of the election.

Final outcome

From among the 80 student societies registered at the electoral roll, 34 took part in the election, which means a participation percentage of 42.5%.

Nomination A
Endorsed by the UAB Role Club (CRUAB)
Candidate: Pau Cano Ribé
12 votes
Nomination B
Endorsed by the Progressive Students’ Association (AEP)
Candidate: Pilar Cortés Barrado
17 votes
Blank ballots 4 votes
Invalid ballots 1 vote
Click on the link to read the minutes of the Electoral Board.