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Training sessions

The Delegates’ Training is a debate and informative space aimed at all the delegates of the UAB academic groups. During the Delegates Meeting held on December 2015, the attending delegates manifested the need for a regular meeting space so that they can debate and reinforce the relationship among delegates of the UAB faculties.

That’s how the Delegates’ Training was born. It consists of training sessions of no more than 90 minutes about the themes that delegates valued as the most interesting. There will be morning and afternoon sessions (advance registration through Moodle is required). Attendance certificates for each session will be expedited for the participants. All sessions will take place at Hotel  d'Entitats and the programme could be found bellow.

Further information about the sessions can be requested at

For delegates that have been chosen for the first time:

10 October Welcome session
13 and 16 November Basic tools for delegates
11 and 14 December Academic avaluation surveys
19 and 22 February Grants and finantial aid system of Catalan universities
12 and 15 March Participation and representation structures at the faculties
16 and 19 April Associations in campus
14 and 17 May Avaluation session

For delegates that have already performed as such before:

10 October Welcome session
13 and 16 November Election process at the university
11 and 14 December Job opportunities at the university
19 and 22 February Gender in the classroom
12 and 15 March When I finish my studies, what? Alumni UAB
16 and 19 April Academic mobility programmes
14 and 17 May Beyond the degree: activities recognized with ECTS and UAB Summer School