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UAB Talks

UAB Talks

UAB Talks in the UAB Theatre on 26 May from 10 am to 1 pm

UAB Talks is an initiative inspired by TEDx Talks. TED Talks have been going on since 1984 and are events that bring together experts on Technology, Entertainment and Design (hence the acronym). However, it was in 2009 that a new variant was created: TEDx Talks, which are live local, independently organized non-profit conferences managed by volunteers. They aim to provide a local forum for ideas within each community, and to inspire people to change in order to improve their lives, their future and the world. But the slogan is still the same: “Ideas worth spreading”.

Why not bring this idea to our university? That is how UAB Talks were born. These conferences are a project destined to promote topics of relevance in the whole university community. The first UAB Talk took place in March, when one of the creators of this student society, took to the stage to talk about nonverbal communication and the secrets of body language. 

During this academic year there have been two other conferences, in which Alejandro Valdebenito and Robert Ferrer spoke about how to spark creativity and why often the path we follow is more important than our destination. On 26 May UAB Talks return to the UAB Theatre with speakers who will talk about different topics during all the morning. We also have a new space, U-TALK, where you can be the star!

26 May 2016
From 10 am to 1 pm in the UAB Theatre

10.00h Opening of the UAB Theatre

10.30h "Fly to your dreams"

Jordi Llonch, Sharing Academy CEO. This year he has won the award for the Best App of the World in the Mobile World Congress with Sharing Academy, a peer-to-peer tutoring platform for university students. He will talk about education, because of which he changed his life. 
10.45h  "My fight against cancer"
11.05h U-TALK
11.15h   “The three keys to success”
 Darío T. Villena, Odder CEO, explains how to combine the three keys to success:  networking, self-awareness and Internet Of Things.

12.05h U-TALK

12.15h  "Creativa't: create to activate yourself"
Carles Ribes, singer of AMÉLIE, bored with what he was taught in school, decided to make his own path. From the age of 16, he has made of creative communication his way of life.
12.30h   "The strange story of a start-up"
Arnau Navarro, creator of Grou App, explains the story of the start-up that has won the award to the best university initiative of Spain, winner of the Global Student Entepreneur Awards 2016 in Madrid.

12.45h "How will the magic of the future be?"
Tecnomagos, Xavi Martinez and David Riudor (Magician Xavi and Magician Dariu), combine magic with new technologies. With a fresh and modern style, they have changed wands and hats for iPads and drones.