Considerations about 3+2

The Vice-rectorate for Students and Cooperation, together with the UAB Student Council (CEUAB), organises a conference about the possible changes in bachelor’s degrees and master’s degrees, with the objective of sharing information and reflections.

12 May
From 4 pm to 7 pm

UAB Cinema, Plaça Cívica


4:15 pm - Round table 1
Panorama of bachelor’s and master’s degrees in different countries: access, financing, structure of studies and requirements of labour market.

4:45 pm - Round table 2
Arts and Social Sciences: Translation and Interpreting, Philosophy and Arts, Education and Psychology.

5:30 pm - Round table 3
Social and Legal Sciences: Economy and Business Studies, Political Science and Sociology, Law, Journalism and Communication Studies.

6:15 pm - Round table 4
Science and Biosciences: Experimental sciences, Biosciences, Engineering, Medicine and Veterinary Medicine.

Cero line: Students representing the UAB Student Council, delegates of academic groups from the different fields of study and others.

Organised bythe Vice-rectorate for Students and Cooperation, UAB Student Council and Community Involvement Unit.