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19/09, 19:14 Journal of the American Heart Association Single Intracoronary Injection of Encapsulated Antagomir?92a Promotes Angiogenesis and Prevents Adverse Infarct Remodeling

Laboratory of Experimental and Molecular Cardiocirculatory Pathology, Institut de Recerca, Hospital Vall d?Hebron, Universitat Autònoma [+]

19/09, 19:09 The Pig Site Effect of Gestation Management System on Gilt and Piglet Performance - Pig Articles from The Pig Site - The Pig Site

A Spanish study reveals some differences in the body condition, behaviour and stress hormone level of gilts kept in stalls and [+]

19/09, 15:24 Medical Physics Web PMB and PMEA: the best papers of 2013

The recent Medical Physics and Engineering Conference (MPEC) 2014 conference in Glasgow saw the presentation of two important awards: [+]

19/09, 09:57 El Diario Sanidad universal

Victoria [+]

19/09, 08:51 Plaza Pública El juego de la invocación o lo que dejó San Juan La Laguna

Había decidido escribir la semana pasada al respecto de la expulsión de la secta judía Lev Tahor de San Juan La Laguna. [+]

18/09, 18:57 Bright Surf The mobility model is closely linked to the citys characteristics

According to a study by the UPV/EHU-University of the Basque Country, to achieve a sustainable model, not only does the offer of [+]

18/09, 18:56 Bright Surf Iberian pig genome remains unchanged after 5 centuries

First partial sequence of an ancient pig genome A team of Spanish researchers have obtained the first partial genome sequence of [+]

18/09, 17:26 Nanotechnology Now The Pocket Project will develop a low-cost and accurate point-of-care test to diagnose Tuberculosis: ICN2 holds a follow-up meeting of the Project on September 18th - 19th

Tuberculosis (TB) is an infectious bacterial disease caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis, which most commonly affects the lungs. [+]

18/09, 14:20 Pan European Networks Iberian pig genome similar to ancient specimen

Spain: The first partial genome sequence of an ancient pig ? extracted from a 16th Century pig found at the site of the Montsoriu Castle [+]

18/09, 12:59 Phys.Org The Pocket Project will develop a low-cost and accurate point-of-care test to diagnose Tuberculosis

? The Pocket Project, funded with 2.6 million Euro by the EU, is coordinated by Prof. [+]

18/09, 09:21 World Socialist Web Site Spain: Catalan pseudo-left intensify pro-independence agitation

The possibility that the largest party in the Catalan coalition government, the Convergence and Union party (CiU), might back-down from [+]

18/09, 08:50 Tenders Electronic Daily Spain-Bellaterra: Personal computers 2014/S 179-316018

Contract award notice Supplies Directive 2004/18/EC Section I: Contracting authority I. [+]

18/09, 08:11 Fédération de recherche sur le genre RING [Annonces du RING] - 15 septembre 2014

[Annonces du RING] // http://www.univ-paris8.fr/RING/index. [+]

18/09, 01:02 Green Tech Germany Die Grenzen des (Post-)Wachstums ? ein Reisebericht aus Can Decreix

Auf der Suche nach einer Zukunft jenseits des Wachstums haben wir, zwei Studierende aus Berlin, uns auf Reisen gemacht. [+]

17/09, 22:07 KEYT.com Measuring Bone Strength At University of California Santa Barbara

Invention Of New Technique Could Revolutionize [+]

17/09, 21:02 Science Daily Iberian pig genome remains unchanged after five centuries

A team of Spanish researchers have obtained the first partial genome sequence of an ancient pig. [+]

17/09, 20:37 Science Codex The mobility model is closely linked to the city's characteristics

This news release is available in Spanish and Spanish. [+]

17/09, 20:30 Science 2.0 Iberian Pig Genome Unchanged For The Last 500 Years

Humans may think we are eating paleo - like ancient ancestors - or organic - like before the advent of modern fertilizers and pesticides [+]

17/09, 18:32 Rai News Ricerca sui resti di un maiale iberico del XVI secolo Il prosciutto di Don Chisciotte

Ricerca genetica in Spagna rivela i tratti caratteristici dei maiali iberici di cinquecento anni [+]

17/09, 18:04 Science Newsline The Mobility Model Is Closely Linked to the City's Characteristics

As far as the conclusions of the study are concerned, the following aspects, among others, are worth highlighting: the more compact [+]

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