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Els estudiants tenen representació a la Junta de Facultat, a les comissions delegades de la Junta i als departaments del centre. A banda, els estudiants també estan representats en els òrgans de govern de la UAB. Altres formes d'organització presents a la facultat i que estan dirigides pels mateixos estudiants són les associacions, els col·lectius i els grups assemblearis.

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Alba Sincrotron

The Alba Synchrotron light source is the most unique and important scientific facility in southwestern Europe. Alba, an initiative put forth by Professor Ramon Pascual of the Department of Physics at the UAB UAB, is one of the key centres forming part of the UAB Campus of International Excellence.

The facilities consist of a linear accelerator and a synchrotron which accelerates electrons to near light speed, with an energy of 3 GeV (gigaelectronvolts). The electrons are then injected into a storage ring with a perimeter of 270 metres, optimised in order to produce electromagnetic radiation in a continuous spectrum of wavelengths, from infrareds to X rays. Its characteristics as a source of third-generation radiation, in which the majority of light proceeds from insertion devices (oscillators and undulators), put it on the same level as facilities found in Germany, Switzerland, France and the United Kingdom.

Alba functions as a giant microscope which allows discovering structures of matter at atomic and molecular level. The properties of the light generated allow it to penetrate into matter in an extremely selective manner, making it easier to analyse molecules and other materials.

For more information please visit: ALBA Synchrotron

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