Doctoral theses

You can consult the following digital repositories to find digital thesis in full text: 

  • DDD (Digital Document Repository): doctoral thesis read at UAB.
  • TDX (Theses and Dissertations Online): digital doctoral thesis in full text read mainly in the Catalan Universities but also in other autonomous communities. You can consult by author, title and director of the thesis, university knowledge area and date of defense. It is a project developed by the Consortium of Academic Libraries of Catalonia (CBUC) and the Supercomputing Centre of Catalonia (CESCA).
  • TESEO: management and  monitoring system of all the Spanish thesis. Authors decide if their thesis are full text availabe or not..
  • Dialnet: doctoral thesis from the nearly 40 Spanish Universities (including TDX). It allows the search by author, title and knowledge area. Including the description and the access in full text.
  • DartEurope: open access theses from 27 european countries.

We  recommend you to consult the database Proquest Dissertation and theses, world’s most comprehensive collection of dissertations and theses from around the world, spanning from 1743 to the present day.

Search Thesis in the catalogue

In the UAB catalogue, in advanced search you can search by keyword, combining the themes in the keyword box by author, subject or title, adding "doctoral thesis", or selecting "Tesi, TFC, PFC" in the material type limiter.

For example, if we want to search Thesis directed by the professor Francisco Rico:

For more information where to find doctoral thesis consult the guide How to find... doctoral thesis, edited by UAB Library Service.

Consult as wellRecommendations for developing doctoral thesis.

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