Digital repositories

UAB repositories



The DDD, or Digital Document Repository, makes it possible to access all of the digitally formatted material found in the UAB. It encompasses a diverse collection in regard to media, subjects and the tipology of documents. 

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Cooperative repositories

The UAB participates in various institutional cooperative repositories, coordinated by CBUC (Consortium of Academic Libraries in Catalonia) and CESCA (Supercomputing Centre of Catalonia), and sponsored by the Generalitat de Catalunya (Ministry of Innovation, Universities and Enterprise). 



RACO RACO (Catalan Journals in Open Access) is an open access repository from which the full text of articles from scientific, cultural and specialist Catalan magazines can be consulted. The main purpose of RACO is to increase the visibility and consultations of its magazines and spread the scientific and academic production published in Catalan magazines. 

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RecerCAT is a cooperative institutional repository of digital research documents from the universities and centres for investigation in Catalonia in which Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona participates. This repository includes what is called grey literature, that is to say, unpublished articles (preprints), communications at congresses, research reports, working papers, final career projects, etc.

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TDX (Theses and Dissertations Online) is a digital cooperative repository which contains doctoral thesis presented at Catalan universities and other Spanish Communities. It allows the remote consult of the fulltext thesis over the internet, and the search by author, advisor, title, knowledge area, university and department of publication, year of defense, etc. 

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MDC (Digital Memory of Catalonia) is a cooperative repository where you can consult, in an open access, digitalized collections of Catalan ancient journals, photographs, maps, posters, ex-libris, etc., related to Catalonia. The main purpose of MDC is to increase the visibility and consults of the Catalan patrimony.

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