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Trobador+ is an access portal to all the available electronic resources in the UAB Library Service.

Trobador+ allows you to find and make simmoultaneous searches in different e-resources (databases, electronic journals, electronic books, web resources, online thesis, etc.), personalize your favourite e-resources, keep references and create and modify alerts through My space.


Electronic Journals from A to Z

Alphabetic list of electronic journals subscribed by the UAB and a selection of free journals with access to full text articles and other advances services (Digital Repositories, Information Resources, Frequently Asked Questions and UAB Libraries).

Search Journal articles

Click on the option Locate to find specific articles from the information related to a bibliographical reference (author, title of the article, volume, number, pages, etc.)



Electronic Journals by category

Click on the option Category to find journals of specific subjects.



Other tools to search for journals:

  • Catalogue: to search electronic and paper journals by title.

And to find journal articles:

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